Events, parties and festivals in the Montefeltro area

Let’s talk about the most important events taking place in the Montefeltro. During the course of the year many markets are set up in Montefeltro. For example, for the third and fourth weekends of March in Macerata Feltria you will find the Fiera di San Giuseppe, on Good Friday every year at Mercatino Conca there is the Good Friday Fair, while on April 25th in Montecopiolo there is the Fair of San Marco.The spring season sees the villages of Mercatino Conca active, with the Fiera di Sant’Ubaldo and Belforte with the Antica Fiera on 20 July. Finally between October and December we mention the Fiera Grossa di Carpegna (second Monday in October), the Antique Fair of San Martino in Sassocorvaro (in November) and the Santa Lucia Fair in Carpegna (December 13th). And as far as events are concerned ? Usually during the month of February there are several carnival parties scattered throughout the area. For 2018 we mention the party of Baghnara, scheduled for February 18, but also the one scheduled in Macerata Feltria. In May, the Rotondi di Sassocorvaro Award event is truly unmissable. The Rotondi Prize was established in 1997 to celebrate the art saviors. Pasquale Rotondi, from which the recognition takes its name, was a savior of art, succeeding in hiding from the dangers of war 10 thousand works of inestimable value in the turtle of the Sassaldine fortress of Sassocorvaro. Today the event and the awarding of those who, during the course of the year, has managed to recover and / or enhance works of art, takes place right inside the Rocca and is free. In July, turning to Pietrarubbia you will find the fun party della Birra, while in Montecopiolo the Festa Contadina, where visitors are invited to bring out their agricultural soul during the dinners and games in the square, the parades on horseback and the gathering of agricultural vehicles. Are you in Montefeltro in August? Prepare for a rich calendar of events. Those that in principle are now fixed appointments are: the Triumph of the Black Truffle in Frontino, scheduled for the first weekend of August; the Good Meat Festival of Montefeltro, scheduled for the second weekend of August in Montegrimano Terme; the Culmine delle Meteore, scheduled for 12 August at the Monte San Lorenzo Observatory in Montegrimano Terme; the Festa della Tagliata Marchigiana, just after mid-August, at Auditore.At September, the appointment is in Urbania with the Sagra del Crostolo and in Frontino where you will find the Borlotto Bean Festival waiting for you. The festival takes place inside the Monumental Complex of Montefiorentino and is aimed at enhancing a product as poor as the bean, but extremely tasty. You will see here how many ways the bean can be used in the kitchen and how much skill is cooked by the housewives. In October, in the village of San Sisto di Piandimeleto, a small land land immersed in the green heart of Montefeltro, the Mushroom Festival takes place. San Sisto. For the occasion are organized excursions, conferences, exhibitions and many thematic dinners, where the undisputed protagonist is the local mushroom. In addition to participating in the event, those who are particularly interested can take advantage of the Village Mushroom Museum for a visit and thus discover over 200 chalk strains reproducing the most common species among the mushrooms of the Montefeltro territory. And in December? Beautiful Christmas markets, especially those of Sant’Agata Feltria!