Spas in the Montefeltro

If for your trip in the Montefeltro you just want to relax, then we recommend two special places to stop. The first is Monte Grimano Terme and is located on a spur overlooking the Valle del Conca. This town is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and boasts an elegant castle that was particularly important in the disputes between the Montefeltro of Urbino and the Malatesta di Rimini. But Monte Grimano Terme is famous above all for its healing waters, which are used in the spa: this is the perfect place to regenerate body and spirit, taking advantage of natural beneficial waters, in an enchanting natural setting. The second place we want to point out for your wellbeing is Macerata Feltria, where you will find the Pitinum factory Thermae Spa, a modern spa treatment center that uses the waters of the Certalto and Apsa natural springs. Inside you can practice all kinds of sulfur treatments, but you can also take advantage of the beauty center for targeted treatment.