Typical products of Montefeltro

Let’s talk now about food and wine! What are the typical products to try absolutely during a trip to Montefeltro? Let’s start with the wine from the hills of Montefeltro which has recently received prestigious national awards. After remaining for centuries relegated to a local dimension, today the reds of Montefeltro are very popular. (talk about the supply of wines of the farm) Very good is also the Visner, a liqueur from the countryside, coming from a variety of bitter cherry. The liqueur is more digestive and we suggest you try it at the end of the evening, after a nice dinner in our farmhouse! On our typical table of Montefeltro, the flavors are local, of the earth, but totally refined. Let’s think, for example, of truffles and mushrooms, two widespread products in our area. Our meats and hams are highly prized and appreciated. As for meat, we prefer a beef from the Marches and Romagna, while for the game it offers hares, pheasants and wild boars.Of course, many villages that dot the Montefeltro have their typical product. , what characterizes them and distinguishes them from others. For example, in Frontino the bean is famous, in Belforte there is honey, in Lunano they master chestnuts. The truffles, of which we spoke before, are found everywhere but especially in Macerata Feltria, Sassocorvaro, Acqualagna and Sant’Angelo in Vado. Do you like cheese? Our farm produces and supplies from local producers. Here you can also taste the Urbino dop casciotta. The Montefeltro cuisine loves the use of dry bread, soups, homemade pasta, local meats. In our farm you will find passatelli, cappelletti, rabbit in pork and beef and fine porks.One of the most typical sweets of the territory of Urbania is bustrengo or bostrengo, which bases its roots in the ancient traditions of the farmers who prepared it especially in winter with flour, stale bread, fruit and other ingredients that they had available. Today the recipe has remained the same but add orange, raisins and lots of dried fruit!