Urbania’s Crostolo

Do not call it piadina romagnola but neither crescia di Urbino: you have in front of the Crostolo di Urbania and to defend it also comes the municipal name that protects the origin and the recipe, which must be that of tradition. In fact, a brand name called DE.CO. was born to protect and enhance the crostolo. (municipal name) that has chosen to focus for the moment on the crostolo, one of the best known delicacies of the kitchen of Urbania. The best opportunity to taste it is at the Sagra del Crostolo which will be held in Urbania, in Piazza San Cristoforo, in September, organized by Proloco Casteldurante that brings to the streets the most skilled housewives that have always handed down the original recipe of the crostolo. “This is a path that has been going on for some years desired by the city and the administration, shared with experts who have created a brand and formulated a disciplinary within which is contained the history, the recipe and the traditions, and with local producers.It serves to qualify an excellence and a tradition that belongs to us strongly and for this we want to differentiate.The Crostolo di Urbania is different from the piadina romagnola and from crescia of Urbino, and it is only the first product that we are going to protect under the DE.CO brand. ” and takes place in the frame of the historic center of Urbania, and is an excellent opportunity to talk about the crostolo, as well as to taste it. During the two days of festivities there will be no lack of opportunities to taste it, perhaps accompanying it to other local specialties such as Prosciutto di Carpegna or Casciotta di Urbino, to be tasted strictly with Apecchio craft beers or local wines. , animation, creative workshops and much more. The food stands usually open from 16.30 for aperitifs and snacks based on crostolo, then continue with dinner where the star will always be the Crostolo De.CO.Of course you can taste the crostolo di urbania at our farm accompanied by meats and cheeses of our production.