Urbania, Località San Silvestro, Via S.Andrea in Serra d'Ocre, 23

This is how our story begins

The Le Capannacce farm was bought by the Matteucci Tomaso family in the early 80s; composed of 10 hectares of arable land, a part of the forest and a vineyard of 700 vine plants composed of various grapes and where the peasant house already stood.The farm was built during the 2nd World War and exploited as a strategic position for the front of war, because in this point there are three municipalities of Urbino, Urbania and Fermignano. Tomas and Rita, who lived their lives as sharecroppers, moved to this farm that slowly began to settle according to their needs; beyond the house they built a cellar where they could produce the wine for which Tomaso had a great passion. All the family carried out many agricultural activities: he reared farmyard animals, followed the cultivation of fodder, cereals and vegetables, produced wine, cultivated the vegetable garden. Rita took care of the house and had a great passion for cooking and good food, a passion passed on to her nephew Marco, who willingly spent whole days with grandparents depositary of the secrets of good food, the rules of the land and respect for its rhythms and his seasons. Marco did not forget what his grandmother Rita had taught him and began, at the age of 14, to work as a cook assistant in the restaurants of the area and at the same time completing the course of compulsory studies. Marco had a dream in drawer: open a room all his own where you can express all his creativity, all of himself! In 2012 he took over the management of a restaurant together with his girlfriend Giada, but that cottage lived as a child was always in his thoughts. Marco’s parents, who still help him to maintain all the agricultural activities of the company, wanted to realize his dreams and helped him in the various stages of the renovation and construction of the new farmhouse! Construction work continued and Marco’s dream took shape from day to day! L’AGRITURISMO LE CAPANNACCEA place to host people and make them feel at home, a place where to make guests experience unique experiences. The rooms of the Agriturismo Le Capannacce in Urbania will make you go back to the origins and live experiences of other times. The decoration of the rooms is a passion dedicated to the artisan crafts that give the name to every room. The work tools of every trade become furniture and are transformed into unique pieces, immersing our guests experiences of other times; a return to the origins. A breathtaking view of the hills and mountains of Montefeltro, genuine products and 0 km used in the kitchen and processed by Marco, who with his creativity and passion will make them a dish to eat even with your eyes! Trekking, mountain biking, walking or horse riding … everything is possible to make this holiday unforgettable for all guests, even those 4-legged. Marco’s dream has come true! the Agriturismo le Capannacce of Urbania opens its doors to those who want to “switch off” and experience other times and rhythms different from the hectic routine of our times. We wait for you! Marco & Giada

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