Urbania, Località San Silvestro, Via S.Andrea in Serra d'Ocre, 23

Where is the Agriturismo le Capannacce

We are experiencing problems with Google Maps directions and have made the appropriate reports. To facilitate your arrival at the facility, follow these directions based on where you come from


The exact and only turning point for the agriturismo is located on the Metaurense Provincial Road 86
at the Alimentari Guerra Lorena (Click to open map)

Turning at Strada Provinciale Metaurense, 86 Località San Silvestro, Urbania (click to open the map)

on the left (if you arrive from Urbania, Acqualagna, Rome)

or to the right (if you arrive from Fermignano)
take via Ca’Pandolfo and follow the directions on the signs; the dirt road goes uphill (about 1.5 km), go straight on until you reach the Agriturismo.

Custom Maps

If the navigator offers you different routes, we strongly advise you not to take it into consideration.

The only road to follow without a hitch is the one indicated on the maps.

Set the Metaurense Provincial Road 86 San Silvestro location on the navigator

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