Apartaments & Rooms

The farmhouse Le Capannacce, located in Urbania in the Marche region, is the ideal place to experience a holiday immersed in nature, discovering the delights of typical Marche cuisine.
Relaxation and comfort for the whole family.

The farmhouse offers an apartment, five rooms and one suite in a completely renovated 19th century farm. The accommodation is well cared for and spacious. The interior decoration is a tribute to the ancient crafts of the area; some pieces of furniture are antique, cleverly restored, by expert local craftsmen. The work tools of every craft become furniture and are transformed into unique pieces, making our guests live experiences of other times, a return to the origins

The farmhouse Le Capannacce of Urbania offers an environment that makes guests feel at home, and live unique experiences.

Carpenter’s Room

The wood is so soft that when you touch it, you get the impression that it caresses your caress

A nice room dedicated to the noble art of carpentry; the side of the bed obtained from the door of a wardrobe and the double sink obtained from the skilful restoration of an old carpenter’s bench.

Librarian’s room

Books have been my birds and my nests, my pets, my stable and my campaign; the bookshop was the world closed in a mirror; a mirror had infinite depth, variety, unpredictability .
(Jean-Paul Sartre)

If you love reading this is the room for you. Quiet and relaxing, in this room you will feel perfectly at ease during your stay at the farmhouse le Capannacce.

Tailor’s Room

A fashion that does not reach the streets is not fashion.
(Coco Chanel)

A rustic-looking room, with a majestic four-poster bed all in wood, embellished with details obtained from the weaving looms. Perfect for a romantic stay in the Marche region

Painter’s suite

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream
(Vincent Van Gogh)

The suite is perfect for small families and for those who want to take advantage of a kitchenette for their needs

Watchmaker’s room

 The universe embarrasses me and I can not imagine that this watch has not its watchmaker

Suggestive as the time you will spend at the farmhouse Le Capannacce. A beautifully furnished double room with pool view.

Cellarman’s room

I thought I was a teetotaler, but it was only because I still did not know good wine. (G. Mura)

A romantic and unique bedroom with its sink made from an old restored barrel.

Farmer’s apartment

Only with agricultural work we can have a rational, moral life. Agriculture indicates what is more and what is less necessary. It rationally guides life. We must touch the earth.
(Lev Tolstoj)

A family room that can accommodate families of 4 people or groups of friends.